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For parents with young children…This may be the most important (as well as painful) information you have ever read. It is based on real world experience from EMT’s

What is the value of your child’s life? Do you face facts- or avoid them?

The Kids 1st Aid Online Course is an affordable 10-lesson training course that teaches parents, grandparents, caregivers, babysitters etc. how to respond to the 10 most common emergency situations until professional help arrives.

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Kids1stAid has now taught over 52,000 parents and caregivers how to handle emergency situations that can potentially save a child’s life

Her Husband Spotted Their 8-Month-Old Daughter Crawling Up The Hall, Like Any Other Day. But This Time, Something Was Different…

Did She Panic? Did She Watch Helplessly? Did She Freeze Up, Clueless What To Do? No.

Instead, she immediately picked up her daughter and put her on the bed, with her head over the edge. She did five “hard” back blows, using the safe method she had recently learned and her daughter spit out what she was choking on. Fortunately, Amelia learned this vital life-saving technique that her daughter needed in that moment. Amelia is just one of countless parents who have attended a Kids 1st Aid course— and then had to use what they learned. Having completed the course gave her the knowledge and confidence to respond when her daughter needed her most, and ultimately… she saved her life. In fact, her husband registered and attended a course immediately after the ordeal, as, like many parents, he recognized he would NOT have known what to do.

Fact: There are more than 700,000 deaths or near deaths each year that involve children 2 years old or younger.

“most could have been prevented”

The Truth Is, We Think These Things Happen… ONLY To Someone Else’s Family… But NEVER To Our Own.

But the reality is, it can happen to ANYONE at ANYTIME. And when it does, many parents feel helpless, unable to respond to the emergency situation, not having a clue what to do.

Hi, I’m Kathy Wall and I have over 20 years experience in emergency response.

“If Only The Parent Had Known Some Basic First Aid Techniques, This Situation Would Have Ended Differently…”

The feedback we have gotten has been phenomenal! Parents tell us that the confidence and peace of mind they gain simply from knowing what to do is priceless. They feel certain that if the worst happened, instead of freezing up, they would keep their head and be able to respond quickly and with the precise actions needed for the emergency.
We have always wanted to make these life-saving skills more available to everyone at anytime. In addition, we want the rest of your family to have the opportunity to learn these first aid techniques at no added cost. So after endless requests, we decided to produce a comprehensive, high-quality online course — to deliver in-depth life-saving training Kids 1st Aid has become recognized for internationally. Whether you’ve never had the opportunity or time to attend a training and learn these skills… or simply want a convenient refresher… I think you’ll find this is the perfect solution for you and your family.

What Happens In Those Critical Moments Before The Ambulance Arrives Can Make ALL The Difference!

When it comes down to it, most parents don’t know how to handle an emergency situation involving their child. Yet, with just a couple hours of training, any Mom or Dad can gain the skills, knowledge and confidence to respond effectively to a medical emergency. And that’s what Kids 1st Aid is all about. Originally founded in Australia back in 2007, Kids 1st Aid  has now helped over 52,000 parents and caregivers learn exactly how to handle common emergency situations and how they can potentially save a child’s life. And the feedback has been phenomenal. Parents tell us that the confidence and peace of mind they gain simply from knowing what to do is priceless. They feel certain that if the worst happened, they’d keep their head and be able to respond with the precise actions the emergency calls for. So after endless requests, we finally decided to produce a comprehensive, high-quality online course — to deliver the kind of in-depth life-saving training Kids 1st Aid has become internationally recognized for I think you’ll find this is the perfect solution for you.

The Kids 1st Aid Online Course Could Save Your Child’s Life

Taking the right steps can mean the difference between life and death. If a child is choking, drowning, has been poisoned, bitten by a venomous snake, or any number of other horrifying things that can happen right in your own home or backyard – you might only have minutes to save their life.

Reacting quickly – with the CORRECT emergency procedure for the situation – could mean the difference between a close call and a heart-breaking tragedy.

Reacting quickly is only possible when you know exactly what to do – the instant you need to respond.

I Froze, Because I Didn’t Know What to Do

“We were given a infant sleep alarm as a present for our baby. We attached it to the crib and it gave us peace of mind. However, one night it went off. It was a false alarm thankfully; however, upon hearing it, I froze and didn’t know what to do. I realized then that if it were the real thing, I wouldn’t have the knowledge, or the confidence to do anything.” – Naomi

“Lifetime Access” Save $200 today and get yours for $49 It’s Time To Make A Decision…

Add to Cart! Save $200 today and get lifetime access for only $49.

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Learn Directly From An Emergency Response Training Specialist

As a Senior Training Specialist with Texas Engineering Extension Services/Emergency Services Institute (TEEX/ESTI), I’ve been responsible for training more than 81,000 Emergency Responders from all 50 States and 45 countries. But more importantly, I’m a parent (and grandparent). I treasure my family and would do anything to keep them safe and well… and I’m sure you feel the same about yours. That’s why I felt responsible for delivering the very best Kids 1st Aid training possible — in a fun, practical, easy-to-follow manner — so that parents everywhere are equipped to deal with any emergency. I’ll will walk you through handling common emergency situations, calmly, effectively and with the confidence that comes from knowing you’re doing exactly the right thing based on what emergency situation your child is experiencing.

Handle Any Emergency Inside Or Outside Of Your Home

Possible Emergencies Around The Home

Together we will cover the various emergencies that can happen both inside and outside of your home. We will teach you how to handle each situation with resources you have on hand. After you’ve completed this no-fluff training, you’ll be able to instantly recognize a life-threatening situation and know what actions to take — and in what order. Did you know, for example, that a child who has been burned in or around their airway may show no symptoms of pain, but could suffer serious — even deadly consequences hours later? You’ll know when the symptoms are “run of the mill” childhood injury, and when to rush them to the emergency room. You NEVER want to put your child in a situation where you are “guessing” about next steps — you want absolute certainty you’re doing the right thing and that your child gets the care they need. You can go at your own pace, review as often as needed, and share with anyone who cares for your children. This is priceless information that every parent MUST have.

No One In The World Can Predict The Future With Any Degree Of Certainty “Whatsoever!”

The Kids 1st Aid Online Course Is Jam-Packed With Information YOU Need To KNOW!

  • You’ll discover what many parents unknowingly do WRONG in certain crisis situations. Your own fear of harming your child could cost them their life.
  • You’ll know — without thinking twice — exactly what to do in the most common emergencies your kids are likely to experience.
  • You’ll learn at your own pace and can refresh your knowledge or look up specific information — any time and anywhere.
  • You’ll gain a sense of calm and confidence with your new knowledge of practical First Aid. You’ll feel like a more competent, able and less-worried parent.
  • You’ll get instant access to the course — whenever you need it — so you can learn and review critical skills at the touch of a finger.

What You Get

Add to Cart! Save $200 today and get lifetime access for only $49.

(First 50 customers only)

Mandy Said It Perfectly:

“I was amazed at how logical and simple so many first aid steps are for various situations! Things have changed since learning all those complicated and confusing procedures during P.E. in high school! After realizing how simple (and obviously life-changing) first aid really is I cannot help but wonder why it isn’t mandatory for everyone to learn first aid! The fee is “peanuts” when compared to the value of what is learned.”

Here’s A Peek At What You’ll Discover Inside The Kids 1st Aid Online Course

This is the most important 30 minutes any parent or caregiver will spend, and will provide you with the knowledge to save a life in an emergency situation. DRSABC stands for Danger, Response, Send/Call for help, Airway, Breathing, Compression and Defibrillation. In this lesson, you’ll learn:
  • How to manage the scene of an accident safely, and how and when to call for help
  • Why it’s important to follow a systematic approach to dealing with accidents
  • How to administer CPR effectively and safely in all situations and for children of all ages.
LESSON 2: Drowning
Drowning is one of the most common causes of death for children. In this lesson, you’ll learn:
  • Learn what you should do if you’re trying to save your child and dont have a phone handy
  • Identify which techniques to use, how to do them correctly, and exactly when to do each
  • How a near-drowning can be fatal up to five hours after the incident — and how to recognize this risk early.
LESSON 3: Choking
Choking is one of the easiest and most terrifying emergency situations that can happen. In this lesson, you’ll learn:
  • What objects children are likely to choke on and what you should do in the different situations
  • What you should do when you don’t know what they have swallowed
  • What to do for children of different ages –babies, toddlers and bigger children.
LESSON 4: Breathing Difficulties
If a child is having difficulty breathing, in most cases you must call an ambulance immediately. In this lesson, you’ll learn:
  • How to treat that child before the paramedics arrive
  • How to tell if a child is having difficulties breathing
  • What you need to find out before you administer first aid
  • What emergency actions to take while waiting for the paramedics.
LESSON 5: Poisons
Common household items such as bleaches, cleaners, medications, dishwasher pellets, lawn or pool products or even alcohol typically cause poisoning in children. In this lesson, you’ll learn:
  • How to recognize common poisoning events that could happen and how to treat them
  • What to look for to help you discover what they may have taken as well as symptoms to look for with different types of poisonings
  • Who to call (Poison Control Center) and what to do if you need to treat immediately and or when you should call 911.
LESSON 6: Bites and Stings
The reaction to bites and stings from animals can range from mild to severe. Your children can easily come into contact with common dangerous animals anywhere – from the beach to your own backyard. In this lesson, you’ll learn:
  • How to manage pain and stress your children might experience
  • How to reduce the pain of common bites and stings
  • What to do when your child isn’t aware of what happened and can’t give you any details about the bite or sting
  • How to respond to a venomous bite to slow down the spread of the venom while waiting for medical intervention.
LESSON 7: Burns
The most common burning accidents for children are scalding hot liquids like coffee, tea or soup. Children will play with all of these and can get accidentally scalded. In this lesson, you’ll learn:
  • How to determine if burns are minor, critical or life threatening
  • What to do if burns are in or near the airway
  • Simple treatments to minimize pain and long-term damage and how and when to use them.
LESSON 8: Seizures and Fevers
Every child gets sick from time to time and experiences a fever. Fevers can sometimes cause seizures. As a parent, the key is to know when a seizure is life threatening and when it’s not and what you should and shouldn’t do. In this lesson, you’ll learn:
  • When your child’s temperature is dangerous and life threatening and when it is a normal reaction to an infection or virus
  • Which medication helps and how to administer them for different children of different ages.
LESSON 9: Allergies & Anaphylaxis
You won’t have to wonder when an allergic reaction is mild and ‘normal’ and can be treated with antihistamines and when is a reaction more serious. In this lesson, you’ll learn:
  • The danger signs and will be able to recognize and distinguish between ordinary allergies and a possible case of anaphylaxis. Anaphylaxis can affect breathing and escalate into a severe and possibly life threating situation
  • Various treatments and how and when you should use them.
LESSON 10: Trauma and Bleeding
Kids fall off bikes, out of trees and down stairs. It happens to all of us. You will know how to determine if their accident is just ordinary “kid stuff” or needs immediate medical attention. In this lesson, you’ll learn:
  • How to deal with head injuries and what you need to do immediately
  • To use your instincts and knowledge of your child to determine the proper course of action.

“Lifetime Access” Save $200 today and get yours for $49 It’s Time To Make A Decision…

Add to Cart! Save $200 today and get lifetime access for only $49.

(First 50 customers only)

Some people hate to face the facts about their child’s health risks. They seem to think “this will never happen to me”

Your New Skills Will Having You Feeling Like The “World’s #1 Mom Or Dad” In No Time At All

Words can’t express how much more comfortable and secure you will feel knowing you have the Kids 1st Aid Online Course at your fingertips. You’ll get everything you need to know, delivered in an easy-to-understand language that will put you at ease if an emergency situation happens.

Here’s what Carla had to say

“I believe your course is the best that I have ever done! Honestly! I learned things about first aid for kids that were effective, simple and most of all quick. At the age of 18-months, Alex hit his head so hard you could see the bruise on his forehead growing. Three weeks later he hit his head again on the stairs and cut his head – again, we didn’t panic, we took him to the hospital to be patched up. My point is that prior to participating in your course I would have panicked at the sight of all that blood – it looked like a massacre had happened –and I would have been unsure of how to react in a positive way. I think this course should be mandatory for all grandparents who take care of children. It will enhance reaction time and erase some of the “old ways” of dealing with injuries such as putting butter on burns.”

By Now You’re Probably Wondering If You Can Afford The Kids 1st Aid Online Course

Obviously, you can’t put a price on safety or peace of mind. I’m sure that if your child’s life were at risk, you’d pay a king’s ransom to save them. I know I would. With the online course, you have unlimited lifetime access. That means you can access your course at any time, from anywhere, and see exactly how to handle a wide variety of accidents and emergency situations. Even better, you can share it with your family and caregivers, so they know how to deal with every imaginable scenario, too.

“Lifetime Access” Save $200 today and get yours for $49 It’s Time To Make A Decision…

So what’s it going to be? Sure, maybe you’ll never need the knowledge and skills required to save your child, or the life of someone else’s child. And I pray that’s the case. But as a parent, the safety and well-being of my children is not something I’d ever gamble, and if you’re reading this, I’m certain you wouldn’t either. I wouldn’t even want to imagine not knowing how to respond to one of these common emergencies that happen to families all over the country on a daily basis. I think we can both agree you’ll never regret making the small investment of time and money to learn these life-saving skills and be prepared… you could only ever regret NOT being prepared. So give yourself the peace of mind and confidence that comes from knowing how to handle an emergency situation… it might just save your child’s life. Get instant access right now by clicking the button below and completing the secure order form.

Add to Cart! Save $200 today and get lifetime access for only $49.

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Don’t delay. Life is unpredictable and you just never know what’s around the corner. We all hope for the best, but it pays to be prepared for the worst. And this may just be the best $49 you ever spend to keep your family safe and well. To keeping your family safe and well, Kids 1st Aid

“Lifetime Access” Save $200 today and get yours for $49 It’s Time To Make A Decision…

At this low price, I urge you to get you get your Kids 1st Aid Online Course now! Your family’s safety and well-being are among the most important things in life, so it’s vital that you can respond confidently and decisively should an emergency occur. Remember, it’s completely risk free. You can go through this course as many times as you like, and share it with your family and caregivers.

Add to Cart! Save $200 today and get lifetime access for only $49.

(First 50 customers only)