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If Your Child’s Life Was On The Line…

Would You Know What To Do… Or Would You Be Forced To Watch Helplessly?

The Kids 1st Aid Online Course teaches PARENTS and anyone else in the home how to respond to the 10 most common EMERGENCY SITUATIONS until Paramedics arrive.

Her Husband Spotted Their 8-Month-Old Daughter
Crawling Up The Hall, Like Any Other Day. But This Time,
Something Was Different…

Did She Panic? Did She Watch Helplessly? Did She Freeze Up,
Clueless What To Do? No.

Instead, she immediately picked up her daughter and put her on the bed, with her head over the edge. She did five “hard” back blows, using the safe method she had recently learned and her daughter spit out what she was choking on.

Fortunately, Amelia learned this vital life-saving technique that her daughter needed in that moment.

Amelia is just one of countless parents who have attended a Kids 1st Aid course— and then had to use what they learned. Having completed the course gave her the knowledge and confidence to respond when her daughter needed her most, and ultimately… she saved her life.

In fact, her husband registered and attended a course immediately after the ordeal, as, like many parents, he recognized he would NOT have known what to do.

What Happens In Those Critical
Moments Before The Ambulance
Arrives Can Make ALL The Difference!

When it comes down to it, most parents don’t know how to handle an emergency situation involving their child.

Yet, with just a couple hours of training, any Mom or Dad can gain the skills, knowledge and confidence to respond effectively to a medical emergency.

And that’s what Kids 1st Aid is all about.

Originally founded in Australia back in 2007, Kids 1st Aid has now helped over 18,062 parents and caregivers learn exactly how to handle common emergency situations and how they can potentially save a child’s life.

And the feedback has been phenomenal.

Parents tell us that the confidence and peace of mind they gain simply from knowing what to do is priceless. They feel certain that if the worst happened, they’d keep their head and be able to respond with the precise actions the emergency calls for.

But even though attending an in-person course is extremely valuable, we’ve always wanted to make these life-saving skills more accessible.

So after endless requests, we finally decided to produce a comprehensive, high-quality online course — to deliver the kind of in-depth life-saving training Kids 1st Aid has become internationally recognized for

I think you’ll find this is the perfect solution for you.

The Kids 1st Aid Online Course Could
Save Your Child’s Life

Taking the right steps can mean the difference between life and death. If a child is choking, drowning, has been poisoned, bitten by a venomous snake, or any number of other horrifying things that can happen right in your own home or backyard – you might only have minutes to save their life.

Reacting quickly – with the CORRECT emergency procedure for the situation – could mean the difference between a close call and a heart-breaking tragedy.

Reacting quickly is only possible when you know exactly what to do – the instant you need to respond.

I Froze, Because I Didn’t Know What to Do

“We were given a infant sleep alarm as a present for our baby. We attached it to the crib and it gave us peace of mind. However, one night it went off.

It was a false alarm thankfully; however, upon hearing it, I froze and didn’t know what to do. I realized then that if it were the real thing, I wouldn’t have the knowledge, or the confidence to do anything.”

– Naomi

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