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About Us

The Kids First Aid Story

Kids First Aid was launched in Australia in 2007, in Canada in 2016 and Kids 1st Aid is now available in the USA!

There have been over 38,000 parents and caregivers trained so far and we hope to double that number next year. Today, all of our presenters across the US are trained and experienced EMTs, Paramedics and Firefighters.

Unfortunately, numerous emergency situations include children ages 0-16. Many of these children failed to receive basic first aid treatment during the crucial first few minutes of the emergency.

Too often, according to our experience, parents do not have the basic first aid knowledge to help their children. Instead, they panic, watch and wait for help to arrive. Seeing so many parents left helpless hit home hard for our founders, who are parents themselves.

The workshop format is simple. A one time, 3-hour workshop, focused on identifying the 10 most common emergency situations that EMTs, Paramedics and Firefighters see, that involve children. The Kids 1st Aid team continue to believe in the strength that EMTs, Paramedics and Firefighters are the experts in emergency care and by integrating their own experiences, makes the session interesting, relevant, memorable & entertaining (words never previously used to describe first aid!!).

Initially Kids 1st Aid professionals would visit the homes of parents with groups of ten or more. Today, we have a team of Kids 1st Aid Paramedics/Presenters and host regular “Open” workshops that anyone can attend and can participate with other parents and caregivers.

In addition we can customize workshops for corporate organizations and provide training on-site.

As years have passed, our workshops have been continually refined and updated to meet first aid standards and protocol. The response to Kids 1st Aid has far exceeded our founders wildest expectations and even allowed Kids 1st Aid to grow globally. In addition, we have also received hundreds of incredible testimonials from parents who have used the skills they learned from our workshops.

Kids 1st Aid now provides engaging, informative and valuable presentations across the country at a location near you.

Thank you for the overwhelming response and helping us contribute to the health and safety of children around the world.

Cassie Findley~ Director